Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mosaic Anniversary Show

The run up to Valentines might as well have been served on a bed of roses. Not that there was any resting on laurels to be had, since the Mosaic anniversary show was wonderfully hectic.
With over fifty shows under my belt, it would be all too easy to feel like one is going through the motions at these affairs, but then I am always swayed by the enthusiasm and interest by the amount of people who attend.

Obviously, making sales doesn't hurt either.

I am very grateful.
We were also fortunate enough to have the lovely and delightful miss Dahlia Jane stay with us.
Dahlia, is a writer who also runs a wonderfully esoteric blog of all things dark and macabre. aptly entitled "upon a midnight dreary", and has written a much more erudite account of the evening than I could, particularly as she was inspired enough to purchase one of the pieces-'Osmosis' Thank you Dahlia.

Please go to the link here: New Artwork from David Gough

Valentines itself was lovely and heady, except I have somehow managed to catch another ghastly bout of cold. Regardless of lurgy, I have a freshly primed canvas awaiting, and will post some missives soon.

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