Sunday, July 24, 2016

Renderings Sketch Book

As far as I know, I could scrawl before I could crawl.  I couldn’t tell you for the life of me, what it was the sparked the whole need to leave marks on paper, but that exuberant spirit of discovery has stayed with me through my whole life and dozens of sketchbooks.

So, I thought it might be a nice idea to actually compile some of the stuff from the last five years and put together a Black and White book which I’ve called Renderings, and which I am releasing with two purchase options.

Available as is, signed with a couple of blank pages in the back for you to add your own doodles, or for an extra $30, I can draw a Van Gough original, full purchase details when you click the link below:
Renderings Sketch Book
It would also make a cool coloring book.

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