Sunday, September 27, 2020

Patreon Saints


After years of tooth pulling, badgering, and puppy herding, I’ve finally relented to the litany of encouraging voices from peers, friends and the misses, and boarded the Patreon train.

And you know what, I’m actually full steaming head and beside myself with excitement at the prospect of it.

For some time now, I’ve sensed that the blog format was becoming the web equivalent of the old Jalopy coasting into town on fumes, and that posting art on social media- beset as it is now by an obstacle course of assaulting algorithms raging through troll farms in flame throwing battle zones- was becoming lost in pay to play visibility and the daily dreadline news blanket.

Something had to give…and something finally has.

So I’m offering up my working process, and bringing it directly to an engaging, attentive audience. And depending on the subscription, for patrons it means a grab bag of goodies, from inception to finished canvas, documented as concepts happen, through initial sketches to timelapses, along with narrated documentary style video. For myself, it broadens the potential artists have now in this post Covid world, of reaching their target followers, and providing an assemblage of compelling media content to become curators of their own creative process.

What does that mean for this blog then? Well, after over a decade of posting, the cold, hard reality in terms of actual feedback, hit counters and residual sales, is that there was never a huge readership. That’s been compounded further as the internet has gravitated away from the literate broadsheet to mindlessly scrolling clickbait and the tweeted soundbyte.

Try as I might to justify it’s continuity by providing testimony for some possible interested legacy, feels even less germane given the tastes of those arbitrating the future now.

Of course, I’ll still continue to occasionally post to make general announcements here from time to time, and maybe at some juncture-like vinyl, the blog will enjoy a resurgence, but for now, if you liked everything that has gone before, and want to see it’s next evolution and continue to follow my thoughts, my process and my art updates, you can click the link, above or below.

Look forward to seeing you on the other side.


Friday, August 28, 2020

Death Mask


 One could say I'm little late to the game,given that we are almost nine months on since Covid 19 first swung it's scythe from East to West, before settling permanently like some festering Quatermass, washed up by a dark tide on US shores. In a year so defined by it's casualties, there strikes me that no better image encapsulates it's pall than "Triumvirate"-a piece from my Theothanatos series from a decade ago.


Resurrected from my own archival boneyard, the biomorphic trinity of bile tinted skulls, grins wider than Conrad Viet , like some grim, gloating totem of tautology.

Doom wear, sported on this occasion by my lovely wife-Lani, and emblazoned with a symbolic reminder of why wearing masks are so necessary in the first place.

They're available for $20 a piece from my store along with signed prints of the original.

Triumvirate Face Masks

Triumvirate Signed Prints



Monday, July 27, 2020

Crimes of our Times

Plenty of criminal activity happening these days of course, not least America's hellbent descent into full bananas republican, but this is from a recent webcast, in which I talk to John Borowski,who featured me in his Serial Killer Culture documentary, about my former Man/son series, modern day conspiracy, growing up in Liverpool as well as giving a peek into my next series-Infernal.

Watch it below.

Filmmaker/author John Borowski: http://johnborowski.com

Serial Killer Culture is on Amazon Prime

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Battling Demons

"And when the barrator had disappeared, he turned his talons upon his companion and grappled with him right above the moat. But sooth the other was a doughty sparhawk. To clapperclaw him well and both of them fell in the middle of the boiling pond"

Dante-Divine comedy-Inferno: Canto XXII

Dante had been expelled from his native Florence by the time he wrote his magnum opus. Battle worn from the conflict with the Ghibelline’s in Campaldino, betrayed and exiled following his rift with the Papacy, and heart sick following the death of his unrequited beloved-Beatrice, the long descent through the circles of Hell must have seemed like a refreshing morning stroll by comparison.

No such reprieve from the hell and damnation that has been this year unfortunately. Pandemic still hanging like a biblical pall, while the straitjacket of institutional racism becomes torn at the fabric of Americas seams. Hardly surprising and frankly-long overdue, given the four hundred millennia that includes a legacy of human chattel, lynchings,segregation and injustice.  Add the imperfect storm of endless black by blue murders, and four rancorous years of ear bleeding dog whistles, and we find the median that was Junes gloom, drowning in it’s inevitable, turbulent, flood. 

 So there’s a lot of that informing this latest piece, the Inferno’s battling demons-Calcabrina and Alchin-talons drawn and teeth barred as they fall into the seething black pitch-a ready made conflict that conjured for me at least, not only the fractured divide between the white Guelph’s and black Guelph’s that vexed Dante’s era, but the racial one that has spanned from the Mauritanians in Visigoth’s Europa, the riots in my native Toxteth back in 82, through to present day America.

Along with it, my own redress to not fall on the sword of only ‘paint what you know”, because broadening ones palette should always extend literally, if we are to confront the white demons of our own.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Look What The Cat Dragged In.

Oil on wood panel

Since I've been all consumed by the new series, I hadn't really planned to be in anymore shows until unveiling Infernal next year. 

That was until I was asked by my friend-fellow artist Stephanie Inagaki, to contribute something for an upcoming fundraiser for Luxe Paws, an initiative to help the homeless cat situation in LA.    

Also, my moggie Ronin-the Prince of Purrsia, would never have forgiven me.

Ronin pleading to enter the studio

As DaVinci once noted, “the smallest feline is a masterpiece”, and having already featured  my cat  in the piece –“This Thing of Darkness, I Acknowledge Mine” I opted instead to paint this – salvaged from an old ink sketch, which up until now I’d adopted occasionally as a sort of working logo.

I suppose it could be emblematic of the artists dark flightiness, or at least his sky fall which I’m calling “Look What the Cat Dragged In”. Make of the title what you will.

It’ll be showcased virtually at Copro Gallery on June 6th anyway, with a portion of the proceeds in aid of  LA’s forsaken felines. More details as I have them.

As no small aside, I had the distinct honor of including Stephanie’s work when I curated my Tales from the Darkside show in 2018, so go check out her extraordinarily beautiful, and ethereal work for yourself.

Stephanie Inagaki

Stephanie Inagaki “Anamnesis” (2018) drawing 6.5” x 8.5”

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Leper Messiah

"Illness brings ugliness in it's train"
Umberto Eco-On Ugliness

"He was an elemental being, so primitive that he might have 
spent the twenty-three years of his life immured in a cave." 
 The Elephant Man and other Reminiscences-Frederick Treeves

Joseph Carey Merrick then -the so called Elephant man- the king of "freaks."

When we think of him, we envision a shadowed, leprous phantom-like a lurching masked and cloaked sack of hidden pestilence, wandering the hazy cobbled alleyways, or the crowded platforms of the Victorian age.

A sad and noble figure, where the body outside, betrayed the internal virtues of the soul, deceived as he was by the rancorous tumors and putrescent flesh that ravaged his flesh, like some gruesome Ganesh figure.

Here of course I have him unadorned and entirely naked, reveling in the perversion of his decay, a spectacle of deliverance, for a defiled deity. 

Reading through Treeve's manuscript again, speaking of Merrick as a man whose existence had been so beleaguered, and yet had "passed through the fire" and emerged "ennobled...free from any trace of cynicism,resentment,or grievance" feels like no less than a savage indictment when compared to the daily morning dreadlines, that catalogue whining privileged and entitlement from those who would claim to hold the edge on piety.

 In an era of malediction and malady, where the ugliness stems from within,it is the internal body then, that betrays the external one.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Dear Dreary


That’s me speaking from my latest interview with Dahlia Jane for her newly relaunched Upon a Midnight Dreary site.

She’s a dear friend, and we go back donkeys years, or at least not too far back to the days when I couldn’t get arrested, let alone any interest in a show.  Thankfully, she didn’t let that stop her, and in fact this excellent article she penned, was the only notable exception to the complete indifference for my Purgatorium show back in 2014.

She’s been radio silent for a few years, plotting her next move, but in her absence, the blogosphere has filled up the void with dark art podcasts and the like, but I maintain she was the first, so they are all really just riding her coattails.

At any rate, she’s bringing her original blog back, as a chronicle for how artists busy themselves in such times as we live in, and I’m honored to be among the first to be included.

So here it is, in which I chat about daubing during Covidolation, my next series “Infernal”, Fred and Rose West, toilet paper and more.

Give it a gander and spread it about, but please stay home while doing it.

Necrosurrealist David Gough paints ‘Hell on Earth’ against the backdrop of a pandemic