Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skull candy-I want your skull Art zine featuring art by David Gough

I want your Skull-Issue 9

As promised, the new issue of 'I want your Skull' is now available. Amongst the coterie of bonedome themed renderings, is a submission by yours truly.Not having had a chance to see a copy first hand, I can only postulate the quality, but going by the picture evidence, it looks spiffing.
Also sharing headspace are David D’andrea, Jimiyo, Kaitlin Beckett, Joshua Belanger, Nadja Schueller-Ost, Jeff Lamm, David Gough, Horrorwood, Justin Ryan, Sean Causley, Matthew Amey, Shawn Hebrank, Skullface, Todd Lambright, Miguel Cervantes, Scott Move, Iain Macarthur, Logan Kornhauser, Geoff May, Joshy, Ryan August, Mark Goss, Michael Heinz-Fischer, Nick Volkert, A Killer Wombat, Joe Boccia, Nick Mcpherson, Kenneth Botsford Jr, Nick Beaulieu, Nick Machia, Johnson, Joey Potts, Franx and Self High Five, with interviews with Thomas Hooper, and painter/illustrator, Stephen Haynes.

Sealed in a neat little black envelope, theres a limited edition of 350, individually hand numbered, along with a giveaway
screen-printed bandana featuring a killer illustration by Brian Morris. The 22 inch square bandana features a white print on a 100% cotton, black bandana. A 4×6 inch sticker also designed by Brian Morris is included as well

Kick arse!!

Get yourself a copy whilst stocks last.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Head Candy-June Gloom

No kidding. If the mercurial grays of May, felt more than tinted with post holiday blue, then this month has been obscured beneath the blackened cloud of financial instability and some pretty harsh kick in the teeth realities.

Sales have been dire, and I find myself falling on the sword of my resolution that I would make at least $500 from art a month.
The truth has always been as sharp as a broken bone-unless you are an artist lucky
enough to be adopted as a media darling or the splashy savant of some sniffy downtown gallery, then you forever teeter on the brink of bankruptcy. It seems to be my default, and as much as I press and I push to cut a swathe and redress the balance, the trad fucking stereotype of the artists garret looms like a terrible long September shadow.

Still, nobody has had the incredible presence of mind in this damned desert to rhyme die with July yet, so this next month may afford a different shade.

There is a potential exhibition I am considering, which may be the biggest thing I've done yet, but is something of a gamble, in that it requires the same boring old chestnut.

And then I have it on fairly good authority (or at least an email) that the printed issue of 'I want your skull' should be available this week.

Finally there is the art itself-I come so close at such hard times to calling it quits forever, making a pyre of everything and consigning myself to never painting another stroke. And then I remember that the interminable, terrible, need to create has nothing to do with money.

it never did.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Group show at Mosaic

Last night was the group show at Mosaic, in aid of Envirofest. For a gloomy Thursday evening, attendance was healthy.
Some grand moments to commit to memory, the number of people who sought me out, to tell me how much they admired my work, was humbling. The camaraderie with my fellow artists at these events which far outweighs any remuneration, but I was most delighted when one of my pieces was won at auction by this lovely lady. Thank you Jenni, and thank you everyone, you spur me on.

Also catching my wings was the confirmation yesterday that I am to be one of the artists featured in the next issue of 'I want your skull'
As soon as it becomes available, I'll post details on how to order a copy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Notes from an Easel.

Today, I finally completed the piece which has probably been the most contentious in some time and am genuinely happy with the results. I'll premier it at the Mosaic show, this coming Thursday.
I also made some progress on the next piece-Ghost, which will be the culmination of this particular series of skulls- making it a sort offshoot of a sideline of a series.
There are of course several more skull themed pieces to produce,along with the completion of the original Theothanatos series, but the hope is to have enough to compile a book at some point, that may or may not be titled 'Skulking Around', 'Dead End' or some other title appropriate pun.

In the meantime, my cat-Pepper-who is barred from my studio whilst paint dries, hides in
my closet, in the hopes that I cannot see her and foil her heinous plan.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Humanity Healing the Earth through Art-Mosaic Gallery

As promised, here are the full details for the showing at Mosaic on the 10th of June. With the West Coast choking on the sp-'oils' of corporate greed, healing the earth couldn't be a more apt. Eyes down then.
A Benefit for Envirofest at Chollas Lake Park

Thursday, June 10th
6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Featuring Special DJ Guests, Dancing, Art Auction and Sales!

Hosted Wine From 6-7 p.m.

Join us for a celebration of experiences and expressions featuring the work of our special guest artists:

Mark Jesinoski
Mark Richmond
Isaias Crow
Cristina Artigas
Chris Vance
Jill Joy
Flo Li
Tracy Black
Rich Walker
Sean Brannan
Shay Davis
David Gough
Todd Sanders
Fei Zhou
Katinka Clementsmith
Roberto Diaz-Gonzalez

LIVE Painting by Isaias Crow and Mark Richmond.


Araceli Carrera
Irene Pulli
Silfredo lao Viggo
Reinaldo Atesiano

Desserts provided by San Diego Desserts!

Envirofest at Chollas Lake Park occurs 9/25/10 and
is community environmental health and wellness event
~ A project of the SDGA: www.girlsalliance.org

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Notes from an Easel

This one has been perilously close to being cracked over my knee so many times, that I'm glad that I stuck with it. The lighting struck me as too melodramatic-too comic book- but after giving it some thought, I figured that was my problem, and as good a reason to leave it be. The other thing that I hadn't noticed was that the jawline in the original photo reference was uneven (displaced, or broken), so beyond some cosmetic surgery, the piece is done.
For the moment, the wine beckons.