Friday, June 24, 2016

Rise and Dead/Ends signed Art Books

   “The question implored…what is it to die? What is it to unsheathe this mortal coil, like a pupa? Is there life after death?”
Excerpt from Dead/Ends
Dead/Ends-in which I collected together the entire accumulation of my Theothantos series and accompanied it with annotation and anecdotes about my old adversary Mr G. Reaper:

“Yet in what began as an artistic quest for a contemporary Lizzy Sidall, set me on a fucked up odyssey that would break the back of Sisyphus”
Excerpt from Rise
Rise-Man/son and the Haunting of the American Madonna, was the culminating series following a years research into the fevered, esoteric, bedlam surrounding the sinister, ritualistic murder of Sharon Tate August 8th, 1969:

Both books are now available as signed, softcover editions, reproducing all the accompanying Art in 32 pages of beautiful full color for $30 Each from the links.
*First thirty copies come with a FREE 8.5″ x 11″ signed print-purchase  Dead/Ends and get an art print of The Valley, or Rise-a copy of Healter Skelter

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Bash

Following on from the recent opening, the Dreamscapes showcase was the spectral arena in which local dignitaries of Las Vegas-Mayor Caroline Goodman, Councilman Bob Beers and representatives from Councilman Bob Coffin’s office,assembled to inaugurate the opening of the good ship Bash Fine Art. Damn right too.
Sadly, I was unable to attend so I couldn’t tell you one iota, how utterly bemused and mortified the gathered throng might have been, by the aberrant darkness of mine and Jeff Christensens work, but there are some photos to attest that this bizarre incongruity actually happened.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dreamscapes Opening Reception

Bash Fine Art
1009 S. Main
Las Vegas NV 89101
Saturday May 28th-June 25th
Memorial day weekend traffic on the long haul to Vegas, enough fear and loathing in bat country right there, 111 degrees not withstanding-hot peppers marinated with Jolokia sauce in Hades kind of hot.
Just a little off the mainline through Main street, Past the microcosm of faux New York spires and Greek Pantheon, Bash Fine Art ran the second outing of a vestigial Purgatorium. Sin city may have been host in the past to broken dreams and Elvis tributes but they never saw a show like this, particularly as the walls where shared with Jeff Christensen’s sublime horrors. The whole thing must have seemed like a dark mirror reflecting some grotesque progeny of America’s Babylon.
The locals where rapt nevertheless, despite Joan Jett putting another dime in the jukebox  a few blocks away.
Big thanks to attendees for braving the heat and listening to my waffle,  Bash for the enduring belief and Jeff for being cut from the same cloth.
David Copperfield will be playing for another two centuries, but Dreamscapes only runs until June 25th. Don’t miss it.