Friday, February 28, 2014

Stream Serial Killer Culture

 Just a missive to tell you that Serial Killer Culture is now available to stream for just $19.98, watch it now and receive a Free copy autographed by the film maker John Borowski when it drops on April 1st. I've not had chance to view it myself yet, as I'm doing some killing of my own, but having seen some snippets, it'll make for great viewing on this wet and windy weekend.

Stream and order from the following: serialkillerculture.filmbinder.com

Edit: You can also stream it from Amazon HERE

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Median Point

A work in progress of the piece currently on my easel-the Sycorax manifest as three sisters, or if you like, Shakespeare, Chekhov and Weishaupt in tow.There's a dinner party right there, and as good a piecemeal for what I have on my plate right now.

 I'm at the halfway point you see , the eye of the storm I suppose, the midway curse-too far to go back, the point of no return. I have Dali up the rear, because when it doubt, one of his crutches will always do-a bigger stick to beat me with. I'll save my thoughts on the mustachioed minstrel for another time.

You can't see, but the Sycorax is spewing a fetid,toxic, black river-a virulent paint slug warping and manifesting into a mishapen hound. Like the words and images that dog us throughout,  it's something that's vexed me of late-the legacy of what I do, the cause and effect, the imprint on the ether. If any.

We are all sinister architects in one form or another.