Thursday, January 27, 2011

Melancholy Shadow: new painting by David Van Gough

36" x 24"
Oil on Canvas

'Shadow' is one of those flagship pieces that heralds a new direction, it encompasses all the ambition and direction I have for the new series.

I suppose the work is a manifestation of melancholy, that intangible sadness that I've lived with my whole life, but have come to realize is a default for any artist,when exploring the emotional depths of them self.
I read a lovely quote from the artist Odilon Redon-"I have a feeling only for shadows' which expresses the piece perfectly.
I have to say thank you to my lovely model Stacey for being a continued muse, she has an innate natural ability to encompass the physical approximations I see in my head.

The anniversary show at Mosaic is coming up, and since it is a sketch show, I have a few days to prepare some drawings. the recovery disks for my OS are in transit from Gateway, so all being well I should be up and running again properly within the week.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Composed this sketch for one of my next pieces, which for various reasons I am calling 'Chimera Rising'. The basic framework is there, but I'm looking forward to developing the piece, before I commit it to oils.

Speaking of which, I wish I could share the daily's from my easel, but the shots with the crappy camera I've been using are so sub par, as to be pointless. You shall just have to take my word for it when I say it's looking like one of the best thing's I've done.
Yes I know, I always say that, but it's true. You'll see.

I'm also continuing work on my book, which is coming along slower than I'd hoped, if only because the task of condensing so many anecdotes is a monumental one. Suffice to say that it should see the light of day at the beginning of March.

Enough projects to shake a sable at, no need to watch paint dry then.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exploding Muse-new paintingn by David Van Gough

Exploding Muse

Acrylic on Canvas

11" x 14"

I worked on another study today, for what I can only call my series of exploding muses. Fatigue prevents me from writing a detailed exposition on the why's and wherefores of these pieces, but suffice to say there's something of an expression of decaying beauty in there.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Body of Art

Since my other camera died, I've had to improvise and take low grade shots with a webcam, which is a great shame since this latest picture from my easel really doesn't do it justice. Still, hopefully you can see how well it's going, as I'm hugely enamored with it's progression.

Also progressing is the tattoo of 'Fairies do it Better', which a gentleman back in the UK is having rendered.
I honestly think it's the best representation in body art that I've seen of my work, and the parlor responsible has done such a sterling job, that I am going to give them a tip of the hat.

Thank you Hook and Eye Bespoke Tattoo & Professional Body Piercing Studio, 16 Corn St, Witney, UK.

Finally, my wife surprised me with a rather wonderful late Christmas gift yesterday.

Way back
when I was a fresh faced thing (hard to imagine I know) I came upon a book at Liverpool library which left a lasting impression me.
Unfortunately, I've never been able to find it again until yesterday when my wife had managed to
track it down on Amazon.

Images of Horror and Fantasy by Gert Schiff was my first introduction to all manner of dark progeny from Felician Rops,Otto Dix,George Tooker and my favorite Gregory Gillespie, it opened up a world of possibility that fed my dark imagination.

A true blast from the past, it was a reminder of my calling, flipping through it's pages again.
Thank you my love.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Con in Contemporary

"a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.”-Albert Campus, describing most Abstract Art.
This past week, I've seen an abstract that reminded me a smear I once saw on a toilet wall at Milton Keynes bus depot go for $5,000 at a downtown gallery.

Today I discovered that a reproduction from a San Diego 'artist' of Bosch's Earthly delights cut into odd jigsaw pieces had been sold for $25,000 on EBay.

Is it little wonder that I grow despondent daily, about the kind of patronage afforded philistines here?

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Best Audience.

Spent the day , updating my site and expanding my print sale on EBay. There are selected prints for just $45 available for a limited time so check them out:

16' X 20" Canvas Prints

Also had a chat with an artist friend this afternoon-ah, the camaraderie of the same boat.

Talking of comrades, my moggie Ronin sat attentively and watched every stroke I made this evening.

Perhaps he is looking to dabble in some kind of feline deconstructionism.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Canvas-work in progress

So,the first marks of 2011.

For the first time since October last year, I'm feeling energized by the prospect of painting again, and oddly liberated.

So watch this space.