Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Body of Art

Since my other camera died, I've had to improvise and take low grade shots with a webcam, which is a great shame since this latest picture from my easel really doesn't do it justice. Still, hopefully you can see how well it's going, as I'm hugely enamored with it's progression.

Also progressing is the tattoo of 'Fairies do it Better', which a gentleman back in the UK is having rendered.
I honestly think it's the best representation in body art that I've seen of my work, and the parlor responsible has done such a sterling job, that I am going to give them a tip of the hat.

Thank you Hook and Eye Bespoke Tattoo & Professional Body Piercing Studio, 16 Corn St, Witney, UK.

Finally, my wife surprised me with a rather wonderful late Christmas gift yesterday.

Way back
when I was a fresh faced thing (hard to imagine I know) I came upon a book at Liverpool library which left a lasting impression me.
Unfortunately, I've never been able to find it again until yesterday when my wife had managed to
track it down on Amazon.

Images of Horror and Fantasy by Gert Schiff was my first introduction to all manner of dark progeny from Felician Rops,Otto Dix,George Tooker and my favorite Gregory Gillespie, it opened up a world of possibility that fed my dark imagination.

A true blast from the past, it was a reminder of my calling, flipping through it's pages again.
Thank you my love.

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