Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Man/son Bizarre Bazaar

Finally bagged myself a copy courtesy of my daughter-Bad Vibes and Something Witchy sharing column space in an article about Serial Killers. Splendid.

Newcomers whose interest was piqued enough to make it thus far-Most Welcome!! For the uninitiated, the Cliff notes are as follows...

My insidious study of sinister architecture surrounding the Manson case culminated in a month of frenzied activity for the Man/son and the haunting of the American Madonna show, which ran during October 2012 at Hyaena Gallery in LA. 

It was an undertaking borne in the mouth of madness,and by the end I was frazzled from dancing with dark forces and could hear Charlies grizzled voice in my sleep.

 The full gallery's for the show can be found on my website: 


Those paintings, plus my crazed meanderings are noted for posterity in a book entitled Rise-which was released February last year and can be purchased from the following:


The pieces are to be featured in a forthcoming documentary entitled Serial Killer Culture, which premiered in Chicago recently, and shall be streaming on Netflix soon-trailer below, details to follow:

I also did a podcast to discuss the series last year which you can listen to here:

Upon a midnight dreary podcast

I think that's about the size of it, but you are welcome to stick around,there's bigger and better things to come.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Man/son series featured in Bizarre magazine

Way back when I was living in old Blighty, there was a crucial subscription of esoteric reading retinue which would inform and inspire the old muse, should she feel a dark appetite for general weirdness. That magazine was aptly titled-Bizarre.

It's with great delight and honor then, that I can announce that those awesome folks at Bizarre HQ have selected some of the pieces from the Man/son series for a feature on serial killer art, as well as decorating the cover with the work 'Something Witchy'-whereupon the deadly triumvirate of Manson,Hitler and Blavatsky glare ominously alongside a lucious redhead looking perhaps like a distant relative of Sharon Tate.

The arc continues. 

I've not had a chance to look through a copy myself yet, but it goes on sale in the UK on the 21st and is available elsewhere (probably) at specialist outlets or through Zinio.com.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dark intents


A yawning Satyr-a sketch detail from one of the new works, as good a point as any to state the years task ahead, or at least eight short months of it.  

So-purgatory in Purgatorium- a year of dark intents, because the nights are already drawing in, the days longer with them-the stubble greying on my chinny chin chin. 
 At times each painting feels like a scab you long to pick at endlessly, except Septembers deadline spills in through the studio cracks, calling time before the year has begun,and as much as it's about the alchemy of drying paint right now, we're already hemorrhaging eight days into January, and I'm trying hard to keep my fevered brain on the now. Anything beyond feels intangible and full of unquantifiable possibility-maybe even disappointment.  

Perhaps that is the Artists modus, the relentless need to create, to quell the endpoint, deafen the inevitable silence,fill in the gaps.

Except I can't think of that right now-I have dark intents.

Onwards then.