Saturday, January 18, 2014

Man/son series featured in Bizarre magazine

Way back when I was living in old Blighty, there was a crucial subscription of esoteric reading retinue which would inform and inspire the old muse, should she feel a dark appetite for general weirdness. That magazine was aptly titled-Bizarre.

It's with great delight and honor then, that I can announce that those awesome folks at Bizarre HQ have selected some of the pieces from the Man/son series for a feature on serial killer art, as well as decorating the cover with the work 'Something Witchy'-whereupon the deadly triumvirate of Manson,Hitler and Blavatsky glare ominously alongside a lucious redhead looking perhaps like a distant relative of Sharon Tate.

The arc continues. 

I've not had a chance to look through a copy myself yet, but it goes on sale in the UK on the 21st and is available elsewhere (probably) at specialist outlets or through Zinio.com.

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