Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sacramenstrual-work in progress by David Gough

I had intended to post more wip's, but my camera went wayward following a live painting event. For whomever discovered it, those final pictures will garner such delights as an exquisite half naked young female, being body painted like some Gigeresque extra. I kid you not.

So, in between side projects, a bout of flu in which I caught up my Netflix and the entire first season of Weeds, and some sweat time at the gym, I've been tickling away at the new piece.

Provisionally entitled it-'Sacramenstrual.'-thanks to my new digital camera, you can see how its developing. There's still a ways to go with some glazing and finnesse, but for the most part, conceptually my intent is there.

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  1. I love that title! Genius! Can't wait to see the finished piece, my love. ~Very Proud Wifexxx