Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David Gough Interview with Lip magazine

They call Memorial day a Bank Holiday back home-I imagine because all of the Banks are closed. Our Memorial day weekend was spent on the banks of Sequoia National Park-beautiful, epic, middle earth, vistas of the type that would have had Turner chomping at the easel to paint. I didn't quite go that route,but I did, take a gazillion photo's, and shall be sharing some of the better ones in my next post.

What I can show you, is a rather lovely article featuring the interview I did with the wonderfully esoteric Lip magazine , a snippet of which is reproduced below;
Adam- no wonder your addicted. So where does your inspiration come from. your art seems to have a darkness to it. please elaborate on the source
David- I was raised an Irish Catholic, and from the moment you were born-through church services, through school assembly, through prayer-you were reminded that a personal plot awaits you in the depths of eternal hellfire, lest you repent. Your own, miserable death is bandied continually, before you even have a chance to truly live, or have any understanding over what life is and has to offer. Meanwhile, family members and friends were keeling over left and right, succumbing to cancer or some ghastly end, whilst we had the whole sectarian thing going on with the IRA bombings. Growing up at the time, it all seemed perfectly normal, but I imagine that it culminated in a foundation of darkness that probably informs much of my work. Plus there’s nothing darker than the effigies of a limp, bloodied,dying christ, hanging like veal from the cross every Sunday- images like that leave an imprint on a child...
Thanks to Adam Kupatris, who did a sterling job.

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