Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buzz of the Hive-picture post of David Gough at the Hive Gallery

This months procession of busy Bee's at the Hive, gleaned from the local honey pot ( and I promise that shall be my final perfunctory pun) some stellar inclusions from some rising stars, some exceptional musical interludes and a good old fashioned chat with friends-old and new. As is customary, it's all relayed to you through my trustee digi-cam.

Getting it out of the way first, the obligatory 'serious' artist shot, standing before Sacramenstrual.

Before the several hundred marched in through the door, I took advantage of the quietude, to fire off some shots of the rooms.

The silence didn't last long, broken by a performance from an exquisitely lovely musician, who accompanied her ethereal vocals with what looked upon first inspection to be a Toy Piano, but I've discovered is called a Schoenhut. Eliza Rickman, held both my wife and I captivated throughout her enchanting set and long into the journey back to San Diego, with her six song EP. Suffice to say, 'tis a rare thing to see a star in the making, but we were honored to see her perform, and I shall be writing a full blog post on her and her work soon.

As I have stated on former occasions, one of the keynote pleasures at group events, is the cameraderie one gets from meeting other artists. One such kinship, came meeting one of the artists in residence there-Paul Torres-an artist whose work I have admired at subsequent showings, but who I hadn't the pleasure of meeting until last evening. I am told that Paul was producing Pop Surrealist work, long before it had been tagged as such, and on evidence of his extensive body of works,I have no reason to doubt it. Again, I shall be dedicating a post entirely to his exceptional collection soon.

No its not a poor mans Al Pacino, it is the master-Lance Richlin, who was gracious enough to share some of his method-and when the time presents itself-has promised to give me a live demonstration. See what I had to say about his work Here.

Finally, the evening would not be as special without the support and encouragement from the people who show genuine interest in my work, and are generous and interested enough to let me wank on about my ideas-a substantial Thank you to everyone who attended, a tip of the hat to all of the above, and a special thank you as always to ringleader Nathan Cartwright,the lovely Julie and all the other faces behind the curtain, and his wonderful sideshow.

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