Sunday, September 20, 2009

Showboat-Faith and Formulas at Thumbprint

Temperatures soared at San Diego's hottest art venue -Thumbprint last night-not only because the collected throng there, was a veritable barrel of Chile's for the city's hottest outsider talent and eye tamales, but because the temperatures for a September evening set just below the point where paint begins to melt.

Despite the heat of the night, attendance was healthy, and my thanks as always to Johnny Tran and Nomad for hosting the event, as well as all those people who came along to view the art and say an enthusiastic hello. My very gracious thanks to
Dan Allen and Brian Dombrowsky who are fellow collaborators from the video game, and who made a special journey to visit and meet me in person.

Here are a selection of photos from the event below:

My gorgeous and endlessly patient wife-Lani-loved this piece:

Long shot showing the work of featured artist-Mofo. Johnny Tran just gliding out of view in the foreground.

Its all for one, and one for all-Dan, myself and Brian from the Dark Vomit video project.

Encouraged by Mister Tran, I took an hour out to do some live painting, on a canvas which will be a collaboration with other artists attending future events- the results of which are as thus-I think I'll call it Endgame.

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