Saturday, December 19, 2009

Notes from an Easel-Death of Winter new painting by David Gough

Title: 'The Death of Winter' (2009)
Size: 15" x 30"
Medium: Oil on canvas

Inspired in parts by a recent sabbatical to Big Bear,the cold dystopia of Cormac McCarthys 'The Road', and the result of listening to Brett Andersons 'Slow Attack' album continuously, it is a counterpoint to all those Kinkaid style depictions of cosy Christmas card scenes, and relates symbolically with the end of the solstice, the death cults relationship with seasonal transition, and the intangible feeling one gets of ones own mortality, looking across a frozen lake in the clutches of winter.

A number of signed prints are available in a variety of formats:

Death of Winter Prints

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