Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Coast News, article about David Gough at OMA

My recent outing at Oceanside museum made the local press there.

Unfortunately I must apologize in advance,since the article features a photo of what must be my most unflattering mugging to date, so I'm posting a better angle where you can barely see my face to compensate.

Below are some of the highlights,but you can read the full write up Here:

"David Gough painted live in the second floor gallery. Gough said his images of medieval scenes, skulls and human figures are inspired by televised extremist idealism and fear bating. “I moved from Ireland to the U.S. and was confronted with Fox News’ terrifying revolutionism,” Gough said. “It’s unlike the BBC that televises rational news in a nonpersonal way.”

Gough said his work also reflects his thoughts about his own mortality after three of his close friends died within 15 years of each other. His work on the theme includes 24 paintings, including three that were on display. “I’ve been working towards this for 25 years trying to find the rationale of why I’m doing it,” Gough said. “You’re always revisiting what you did previously.”

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