Monday, June 6, 2011

The House of the Future Show

Don't really know where to begin telling you about Saturdays show. I could tell you it was like PT Barnum on LSD.

Or that it was like the entire San Diego underground had converged on a house on a hill and held an end of the world party.

Or that I'd wandered down a weird rabbit hole, dream,vortex, but no...NO!!...none of that really cuts it.

Maybe it was that holographic Dali clock, warping time, but as trite as it sounds, at times if felt like being submerged in a bizarro dream.

One where I talked at length with legend Selwyn Lissack, the designer of Dali's clock,who had me on the floor with anecdotes about meetings with the surreal grandmaster.

Or one where I bumped into my wife's beautiful cousin Juju Namjai, and discovered that she was in fact this incredible, talented, sensual lead singer of a band called Orchestra Mustachio.

In fact, it was a night of old friends...

Except I wasn't dreaming, because I captured some choice shots before my camera died. I only wish I had more.

Me with two Legends Patty Rangel, Selwyn Lissack

Lovely Alisha, one of my buyers.

My gorgeous wife sitting on what we called the 70's porn couch, wearing a top she designed as a homage to the surreal expressionist masterpiece-Bride of Frankenstein.

The incomparable Juju with her band, wearing make up inspired by Dali's Mae West painting.

Some thank you's in order-Ian Ashley and her husband for hosting the extravaganza, Dennis Batt and everyone from San Diego Visual Arts Guild who organised the event, as always my extended friends and family who came out in support of my work and everyone who had such great things to say about my art.

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