Sunday, July 14, 2013

Upon a Midnight Dreary goes fourth.

Dahlia Jane's blog-upon a midnight dreary- is four years young today. Long term acolytes, might be well aware of our association-particularly as a result of her sterling publicity for the previous show-Man/son and the Haunting of the American Madonna, but newbies and happenstance's might have missed the running gamut of all things artistically alternative on her wonderfully diabolic domain. If you haven't done so already, stalk and subscribe, it'll be like Halloween all year around. 

Upon a Midnight Dreary Blog

Of course, a certain artist of minor import has had the honor of being featured on her malificent blog innumerable times, since we met and gret at the Hive gallery in 2010 (pictured above)

So cheers and Happy Birthday baby Jane, and I'll leave you with a collection of the grand articles she has crafted on my behalf:

Upon a Midnight Dreary Podcast #8: David Van Gough-by Dahlia Jane

Man/son And the Haunting of the American Madonna-by Dahlia Jane

D3ad/Ends book review:2011-by Dahlia Jane

New Artwork from David Gough:2011-by Dahlia Jane
Artist Profile: David Gough:2010--by Dahlia Jane

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