Monday, October 21, 2013

Introducing Skyflower Creations by Lani

Often beyond the confines of my studio, accompanying the sounds of my own cursing, the voices in my head and whatever happens to be on my playlist, can be heard the diligent chug, chug, whir of my wife sewing.

 For let it be known, and make no mistake about it,  that Lani is the true accomplished artist in this household.  

 For years, I've watched in awe, as she manicures the most delicate cloth with silken thread and animate it into being, and often at shows, the last thirteen Halloweens, daily living-I have been the beneficiary of her remarkable gift to give fabric character, as have countless others. Costumes, contemporary clothing, a dizzying gamut of ingenious adornments,  no longer shall she be silent all these years, because her talents now have an online presence:Skyflower creations.

 Follow the thread- thread and her luxurious needlework by subscribing to her blog.


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