Saturday, April 26, 2014

Honorary mentions-reviews for Serial Killer Culture are in

The Serial Killer Culture documentary has been out a few weeks now (available HERE), and the reviews have been really favorable, with a couple of pretty splendid nods to my segment. Below are a collection of excerpts and links to the standouts. 

"....two other artists David Van Gough, whose artwork delves into the deep symbolism of the Manson Murders and graphic artist Sam Hane, who does serial killer-inspired artwork collages in mixed media, are showcased at length showing both the artist’s talents and their intentions behind their artwork. Hearing these artists talk about their own work was a highlight for me, and just as fascinating as the horrific minds that inspired the artwork to begin with."  

Aint it Cool

" Some artists are featured including David Van Gough. His lengthy discourse on a painting he did about Charles Manson is fascinating to say the least. Gough really did his homework on the Manson legacy and wove all kinds of tidbits into one big piece. His reference point was Sharon Tate (he’s a big fan of The Fearless Vampire Killers). This segment was perhaps the most surprising and unique." 

Liquid Cheese Fanzine 

"...artists like David Van Gough who is a very talented painter who cites there are some similarities in the Manson Murders and the Black Dahlia Murder case (both cases had murdered women and acts of mutilation for effect)"


As an aside, there was also a rather lovely mention in a recent David Herrle interview, for his tremendous book Sharon Tate and the Daughters of joy, (available HERE

"...Gough’s necrorealism made me rethink my aversion to so-called macabre art, and he’s become a treasured colleague." 

Madame Perry's Salon

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Speaking in tongues-notes from an easel work in progress by David Van Gough

Here I am, working on the beginning of the end, though still four short of that sum when all said and undone. 
Had wanted to be chronological about it, do each piece in sequence, tying the whole grand finale up in a neat bow. 
Then I hit a wall on the one before and apropos with all these blood moons, needed the salvation of retribution, as opposed to merely feeling like a madman chipping at a mountain with a toothpick.

What a caper this art thing is, like inclement weather eh? 

It's at such times that I realize the paintings exist entirely on another plain to their earlier sketched counterparts, and looking backward is often like retracing a forgotten trail obscured by brush or at least a sable. 

I realize I'm talking riddles, but the conversations I have in my head seldom make sense.    

I suppose artists are just cryptologist's of their past.  


Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 It's officially out, my-just over by five-fifteen minutes of fame debut on the small screen, tying up nicely the whole artistic / atavistic Man/son foray circa 2012. 

Putting aside my little radar blip, what John Borowski's splendid documentary does is through an assemblage of contributors, present an articulate viewpoint of societies fascination with it's monsters, and their dilution into the cultural psyche. 
I make an appearance just over an hour in for anyone interested, just before the mighty Joe Coleman-grand company indeed. 

Check it out


DVD: http://serialkillerculture.com/
STREAM: http://serialkillerculture.filmbinder.com/
AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/lg3adhc