Saturday, February 14, 2015

Magic, Myth and Lore at Bash Contemporary


I shall be premiering a new work for a superlative group show at Bash this coming Valentines day-which shall be a rather nice counterpoint I think to all the candy coated hearts and flowers.

Exploring a 'seedbed of possibilities from a contemporary perspective.' and 'the mystical and the consequences brought by evil while good seeks to prevail,' my piece-"Begat the Great Death and Resurrection Show", invokes the triumvirate spirit of Messianic entity, as a mere anecdote for premature existence.

The show opens February 14th at 5pm and runs through March 14th and includes members of the Copycat Violence: An Artist Collective along Sandra Sandy Yagi, Christopher Ulrich, David Van Gough, Jeff Christensen Artwork, Paolo Petrangelli, Hannah Yata, Julianna Menna, Mab Graves and Jean Pierre Arboleda. Contact info@bashcontemporary.com for enquiries.

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