Sunday, October 4, 2015

Suffer the Little Children-at the Dirty, Filthy show III…NSFW

Suffer little children, that come unto me | 12″ x 24″ | Oil on wood panel
You could be forgiven for thinking that this ‘piece’ , was an almost satirical evisceration regarding the dark history of child abuse perpetuated through the Catholic church. That is there of course,  all gagging Christ phallus, stupid fish hat and gilded to the cat of nines.
Except, more specifically it deals with the bottomless depravity that has haunted Parliament vestibules and po faced seats of power of my home country. A poisoned well spring that seems daily to unravel a stomach churning proclivity,spanning decades and including a sinister spectrum embroiling the celebrities of British Broadcasting house, the insidious machinations of ministers and the possible complicity of the monarchy . For instance, it’s no accident that the Pope here, bares an uncanny resemblance to despot Maggie Thatcher-albeit in drag.
No doubt, my American counterparts, hoodwinked by the Masterpiece theatrics and the export of Britcom idealism were entirely none-plused about its subtext, when I showcased it at the recent second Annual Dirty, Filthy Show at La Bodega gallery, but to my mind there is nothing so dirty or filthy, or inherently evil, as the ritual defilement of children by those who wield power.

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