Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End times

As October and the Man/son show draw towards Hallows end, it seems as good a time as any to let you all know that this blog is going on hiatus. I couldn't tell you how long radio silence shall be in effect, but for a while now, I have been finding myself longing to return to the Luddism of paper journaling. 

I've grown weary of trying to shout over the noise, and there is an innate power in a certain silence which I miss, and need to explore again. 

What I can tell you is that behind the cyber curtain, I shall still be creating. Duties on Purgatorium shall recommence, which promises to be my most epic undertaking, comprising as it will 32 pieces in all. 
 The preparations alone, from the stockpile of books I want to research, to the actual job of putting paint on canvas, I envisage will take me well into 2014-endtimes willing. 

The good news for those inclined, is that postings on the Cielo Drive blog shall resume next month,as there are still threads to tie up in that regard. 
I shall also continue to occasionally post on facebook here .

 Which just leaves me to say thank you for sticking with me, through thick and thin, and in the meantime, should any radically, drastic news be forthcoming, you shall hear about it first. 

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