Sunday, July 5, 2009

Making Thumbprints

It has been noted-and not just by myself-that if their is any art scene at all in San Diego, then it is largely driven by tourists looking for souvenir tat. However, if the turnout at Thumbprint (arguably, San Diego's premier gallery for emerging talent) is anything to go by, then there is an audience out there for something more than diluted seascapes and blooms, because I am glad to report that the patronage was healthy and enthusiastic throughout the day./
My indebted thanks to all of the lovely people who stopped by to meet and greet, I am always grateful for the support, the interest and encouragement.
In particular, my thanks to Johnny, Nomad,
my wife Lani, Christine and her family, Carolyn, Mark, Earl and Ernie,Katinka, and especially to our new friends, Diana and Jeff for the lovely company during dinner.

I am however duly exhausted, and barely capable of another syllable, so I shall leave you with the inevitable picture post.(Apologies for the blurriness, my camera spazzed on its setting.)

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