Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Notes from an easel part 22-a return to your regular programming

This is my third stab at this piece, which originally found itself as almost a throwaway concept, about the absurdity of dressing death up. Of course I felt I'd said it much better with Axiom, so this was my satirical approach, almost an Alfred E Neuman version from MAD magazine. Of course, whenever I'd show the piece at events, it got a lot of attention, so I've finally decided to work it up properly, with the exception that I've developed it to a further level, and may include an additional dimension to it.

Anyway, here is the sketchbook version, with the rough markings on canvas below. Incidently, when my daughter-Emma-first saw the piece, she said the little bunny characters painted on the skull looked like something called 'Miffy'. My intention had been to do a Hello Kitty style character, but thought I'd create my own . Apparently someone got there before me. How bizarre.

Following on from Sundays Exhibit at Thumbprint, there was a very nice video which popped up on my Facebook from the event. Thankfully, I appear in the background, for a few seconds (although I was interviewed that day, which should surface sometime soon) its a lovely momento.

The Video is Here

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