Thursday, October 1, 2009

Object D' Art-Dark Vomit

On general release from today, is something which I believe shall be the flagship project for how art shall be viewed in the future. The Interactive Art Show Video game, is more than your trad shoot em up fare, consisting of fifteen artists-the San Diego Surrealists as I believe we shall be known-it includes, annexes of gallery rooms, host to a variety of subterranean denizens-curators of the nightmare visions by the artists in residence. Appropriately, my own area is a dank dungeon, and the scene of a decapitation by guillotine:

It was produced seemingly in the blink of an eye by fellow artist-Dark Vomit-Kelly Hutchinson, whose exceptional pop surreal painting is one of the many highlights of this project. His canvases are either inhabited by those terrifying symbols of many a childhood nightmare-garish, sneering clowns,such as the corporate avatars of capitalism- McDonalds and Jack, to the Joker and the puppet from the Saw movies. Or the icons of American tapestry, altered through the mutated multi-ocular lens of a mushroom trip, or emasculated like John Wayne in a dress for a cotton candy parade, all rendered with the deft brush of an old master in a classical setting.

My favourite works, are those with the toy plastic dentures, rabidly snapping from the brittle necks of skeletons, riding crows or about to consume some cute chicklet-a momentary innocence lost to the jaws of death.

Artwork copyright of Dark Vomit ©-reproduced with kind permission

Unsurprisingly, he has just become the feature of a Juxtapoz article which you can read here:

A big Thank you to Kelly for my inclusion in this very exciting project, to all the other artists for making the game a gallery powerhouse, and a special thanks to the really lovely artist-Celine, for giving me a tip of the hat to begin with.

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