Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fairies, Shepard Fairy and Demoneaters

Recently, I was sent a photo by a fan, of a tattoo they are having done, featuring the ubiquitous 'Fairies do it better'.

I'm always genuinely blown away when anyone considers my work worthy enough to have permanently engraved on there skin, but I'm genuinely humbled by the re imagining of this one-I know it couldn't have been easy-thank you dude.

Caught up with my Netlix list and saw Beautiful Losers the other day. Aaron Rose's post script to the artistic underground circling the Alleged Gallery of the 90's.

Much back slappery ensues throughout from all the usual suspects, indie darlings and Shepard Fairy-a veritable gloss then without any real center-a reality show for kiddy craft hipsters.
Little wonder the art scene is in the dire state it finds itself.

Someone who is a volte face to the current dirge, and a breath of fresh air at that, is my friend Christopher Ulrich.

I had the pleasure of showing with this young master a few years back,and predicted great things for him then.
Quite rightly he has gone on to become a fixture at the La Luz De Jesus, where he recently showcased his second series, the 'Illuminator'- the successor to his 'Demoneater's'.

Suffice to say that the gentleman's mastery of singular vision is astonishing in scale and detail, and had I not been sequestered through October on my own 'journey' as he calls it, I would have had my nose pressed at every one of his canvas's to unravel his secret.

Having barely stopped for breath, he is already deep in dark study, projecting the third in the series for an eventual showcase in 2012 at La Luz.
Anyone who is an artist knows that envisioning a show costs a huge amount money-materials, frames and hours in artistic contemplation-all an investment of faith from the artist towards bringing a vision to fruition. To that end, Chris is requesting a similar investment of faith from anyone who wants to donate a sum towards helping the realization of his next project, through Kickstarter.com.

This young man is the next big thing, and deserves to be,so,you know-support living artists.

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