Monday, December 13, 2010

San Diego Art Link Fundraiser Showboat

Fridays fundraiser was a fun if somewhat subdued affair-all the usual suspects in attendance, Johnny Tran spinning the decks.

It was grand to see our little community again,and I'm realizing more and more that there is a healthy art scene here, if only someone with clout and money would foster it and place it in a proper gallery setting.

I've not been to the 57 Degrees wine bar before, and shalln't again quite honestly. Exorbitant corkage fee, $10 a glass of plonk for zero charm, in a warehouse that used to be a Pier One.

Still it was for a good cause, and with art ranging between $35 and $99, it was a steal for any prospective buyers out there.

Thanks to Jeff,Cynthia and Diana and all the folks who run San Diego Arts Link.

Pictures courtesy of Jenni Cohen and David Goff

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