Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I read that Fukushima has finally been elevated to a level seven-the same par as Chernobyl then-that's good. Apparently, level seven is the highest category for a nuclear event of this kind-I imagine there is no higher grade for when your hair falls out and your internal organs begin to bleed from your orifices.
It's difficult not to be paranoid about radiation-paranoid as in Glenn Beck paranoid. You can't see it, you can't smell it, but it's there ever waiting to be a shadow on your lung-a goiter in your thyroid.
EPA monitoring reported a spike here in San Diego, and for the last three days both Lani and I have had streaming allergies. Could it be...?

I recall reading once that back in the 50's, when they were still trying to advocate radiation as having hygienic properties, some bright spark thought he might stave halitosis by swilling radiated water daily. Eventually his jaw fell off.

You know what's worse than radiation-Googling about radiation!?!
Fukushima is happening because of a new world order conspiracy. Or It's project Blue Beam. Or It's Aliens. Or HAARP. It's divine retribution. It's the second gunman on the grassy knoll. It's the man behind the curtain. The jet-stream flies right over our house.

There ought to be a public health warning about Googling before bedtime.

I long for the days when radiation meant a different kind of webslinging.

With great power...except in this instance, it's not some smiting deity or shadowy government, we are all responsible, because we never demanded anything else, just as long as we could still plug in our wide screen TV's and have hot running water...

We never learn.

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