Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lani Inc.

I've heard it said somewhere that behind every good man is a better woman. Certainly that's true of my wife-Lani.

I realize I don't acknowledge it enough, but not only is she my greatest champion, but she has supported my flights of fantasy unstintingly, some times in the face of possible destitution.

At Art events she is my eternally patient companion, standing by my side whilst my attentions are diverted by the throng before chauffeuring me home at some ungodly hour. She never complains.

On days when I am floundering, she elevates my diminishing spirits with belief in myself again.

I am beyond lucky.

This weekend was fairly revelatory about a few things, and at her suggestion, we have decided that Lani will be taking an even more active role in my career and shall now be representing me.

Two heads are always going to be better than one, and my time and focus is better served in the studio, than haggling with dealers and seeking out new walls to exhibit from.

I shall still be blogging here regularly of course, so no change there, but there may be additional updates from her too, which will be fun.

So in the spirit of our new arrangement, I did as I was told and retreated to my studio, and christened my brand new

See what you think.

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  1. I think You are an very lucky man and Your Fabulous wife is a very fortunate woman,it is obvious how much you inspire one another.....Bravo david..your images are provocative and inside of all of it I still find a romance I can't put my finger on....it must be what Debussy called "The Dance of the Sacred and Profane?
    xo Liane