Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Father-excerpt from Dead/Ends

Further to it's recent release, here is another exclusive excerpt from my book-of Dead/Ends:

My dad Joseph, was a demolition man. Liverpool was a dereliction of extinct tenements, waiting to be razed to a landfill.

Caked in the muck of a days toil, he would often return with some relic—a yellow paged book or a faded tin toy.
The empty buildings were embellished with a forgotten era -cornices or metal fireplaces, wooden doors or roof slates could be stripped and sold for extra subsidy.

That’s the way it was during the searing summer of 77, when my Dad had clamored through a window onto a two- story building to retrieve the slate. Except the slate wasn’t secure, and as it slipped from its battens, my father lost his footing, falling thirty feet to the pavement below.
His body was shattered, his back broken and he spent the next eight months in a hospital healing, forcing himself to walk again, though he never truly recovered.

My Dad was a demolished man.

Years later, he would recount that there had been no slideshow of life flashing before him, only the presence of mind to land on his feet.

People would thank God, and say it was a miracle my Dad survived.
At the time I wondered why any merciful God would set him on a path to fall in the first place.
To my mind, my dads suffering made the almighty fallible, a brat petulantly toying with lives on a whim, all for the sake of being afforded some graciousness for abstaining his hand from an untimely end.

It wasn’t any God I wanted to revere.

Two fathers fell that day.

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  1. You blame God for an accident as a result of not anchoring yourself down with a secure line before putting yourself 30 feet in the air? Believe me, I'm not trying to discredit your grief, but "safety first" is a motto everyone should remember.

  2. Not me, my father-and this was the 70's remember in a depressed area of Liverpool, where safety measures and job security was scarce, and his main focus was putting food on the table and keeping a roof over his head for his family.

    Since your God instilled the eternal get out clause of freewill,with the postscript of everything is preordained anyway, your argument is invalid, but regardless,my father attempted to sue the company and lost, so I hope that eases your self righteous finger wagging a little.

    It always amuses me how people who claim deeper empathy through spiritual enlightenment, actually are so divorced from the reality of it when making posts of this kind.

  3. Eloquently written and a view to your work and influence ...great book!!! AWITD

  4. Beautifully written, and whether one agrees with your philosophy or not, quite thought-provoking. I enjoyed reading it.

    Your font makes it a bit difficult to read your post. I've hear that if you increase your font size (and maybe drop the italics), readership increases, (in case you're interested ;).