Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Beat Goes On-article in City Beat with David Gough

"Gough’s oil paintings are beautifully done narratives often dealing with the cruel inevitability of mortality...

a pretty solid interview and review of my book in San Diego City Beat today, courtesy of Kinsee Morlan.
We actually talked for almost an hour early the other morning, and
despite only being on my third brew-she somehow managed to make my ramblings lucid..

Thank you Kinsee.

You can read the full transcript from the following:

Art Depicting Death, by Kinsee Morlan

OMA closing reception just two days away, clobber out of moth balls.

In between I've set myself the task of completing the painting I am now calling "An Artists Hommage-a general truth" before All hallows.

I may need to conjure spirits to help me.

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