Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Haunted-new self portrait painting by David Van Gough

Purgatorium III-The Haunted 36 "x 24" | oil on canvas

Unfortunately, it's a low def photo in bad lighting but you get the gist.
Ah, the specter of Van Gogh-I've lived with that bastards association all my life-by virtue of our similar surname and our chosen professions-I suppose it's inevitable. If I'd had a dime for every time someone had felt inclined to remind me of that coincidence,I might assuredly escape his fate however. At such times, I usually say something equally lame about spectacles and one ear, or that I am actually a distant relative.
I could be I suppose, perhaps I ought to look into it-make it my shtick

The painting is also a bit of a grandiose statement about the enduring spirit of the artist, although unsurprisingly all the bombast is gone and I'm feeling drained at the moment. I'm dedicating it to Dennis anyway, since...spirits enduring and all that.

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