Sunday, March 11, 2012

Moebius 1938-2012

So, another monumental artist gone-the formative influences of my childhood rapidly becoming dust.

Not quite, if a footprint on the cultural psyche is all an artist can ever hope for, then mister Giraud has left quite an indent. And whilst the collective elegy will celebrate him for Blueberry, the Metal Hurlant stuff, his work on Alien and Tron, it's work he did with his former Dune collaborator Jadorowsky that changed my life.It was 'The Eyes of the Cat', which I first saw in Taboo #4, -the fusion of silent, futurist, surreal horror and the minimalism of avant garde storytelling all beautifully rendered and designed with the craftsmanship of a modern Albrecht Durer, that savaged
any naive ambitions I had of being a force in comics. Quite simply,there was no place left for me to go in that genre.

Gladly, the awe I felt upon first glimpsing those images still enthralls and eclipses any former disappointments I might have clung to.

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