Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First full review of Purgatorium

"David said to me that if we could unburden our preconceptions of what the artist is supposed to be, we could get back to the experience of art."

As has become customary, the marvelous Upon a Midnight Dreary blog has gotten there first and reviewed my forthcoming Purgatorium show ahead of the rest of the World. It did help that Dahlia Jane, had the opportunity to see a couple of the works first hand, whilst she was here for the SD expo. You can read her spiffing review in full from the link HERE. Thank you Dahlia.

In other quarters-the Social Media ones-regardless of algorithm impediments, it's been well received from what I can tell. With that said, I happily welcome any prospective bloggers, writers or editors to cover my show, and should any of my readers happen to know how to get my work before the right ears, eyes and noses for periodicals like Hi Fructose, Juxtapoz (all the usual suspects), I'd appreciate it. Any buzz generated will make all the difference to the outcome

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