Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Press Release for the Purgatorium Show

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San Diego

Bash Contemporary Gallery presents:
David Van Gough's Purgatorium

September 5th through October 5th
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 6, 6 pm to 9 am

Bash Contemporary
210 Golden Gate Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94102
 (415) 926-8573

Artist website: www.davidgoughart.com/Purgatorium.htm

About Purgatorium

In his forty-fifth Year, David Van Gough embarked upon a series which would finally confront the daunting shadow cast by his most famous ancestor, and the inevitable connotations of that surname.

Adopting the characterization of Vincent Van Gogh as martyr, and recapitulating stanza's from Shakespeare's Tempest as themes of metaphorical exile - Purgatorium (Latin for the place in between) sets a chronological backdrop of imagined personal biography from birth to death, against an undercurrent of ancient sinister architecture, and the desolate shipyards of his Liverpool hometown.

An epic aphorism, Purgatorium is Gough's contemporary exorcism, an ode from the artist as forgotten alchemist, examining the painters role as both confessor and inquisitor, in a continued tortured state of crippling self evaluation, against the burgeoning detritus of modern assimilation


A self-proclaimed Necrorealist, David Van Gough is an artist originally from Liverpool, England living in California.

Using allegory chronicling a heightened sense of mortality, and the madness of the minds subterranean fathoms, his work is an emotional excavation for purpose.

An Honoree Artist of 2010 at the San Diego Art Institute, his work has been exhibited at the Oceanside Museum of Art as well as hosted in a succession of solo showcases on both sides of the Atlantic. More recently, his previous exhibit- Man/son and the haunting of the American Madonna- has been featured as part of the critically acclaimed documentary Serial Killer Culture by John Borowski.


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