Sunday, August 17, 2014

Purgatorium-Graphite versions

One of the core pleasures of this series, was the opportunity to do detailed sketches before scaling up to their painted versions. All the pieces are 11" x 14" and priced at $500 each, any inquiries should be forwarded to info@bashcontemporary.com.






1. Good wombs have borne bad sons.

2. Whats past is prologue.

3. A thousand furlongs of sea, for an acre of barren land.

4. The dark and backward abysm of time

5. Brave new world

6. Misery acquaints man with strange bedfellows

7. So lie there, my Art

8. Poor worm, thou art infected

9. Night kept chained below

10. Space have I to lie in such a prison

11. He that dies pays all debts

12. This thing of darkness, I acknowledge mine  

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