Sunday, October 5, 2014

Setting Out Ones Stall- David Van Gough comes to La Bodega Galleries and Studios

And so, the show ended yesterday, but it's not over by any rotund ladies long stretch.

Here in the afterlife, Purgatorium will still be available to purchase directly from the gallery until January 2015, and although nothing official yet, we are still Bashing out (see what I did there?) tentative plans to extend the remainder of the show in another form. Details to be announced as and when they happen. 

A million plans a million dreams.

In the interim, there will be no laurel lounging, because the prodigal son is returned, or at least walking in a new pair of shoes. 
Which is why I am stoked to tell you all that from October 8th, I shall be working from the Artist collective at La Bodega gallery and studios in Barrio Logan San Diego, at studio V-quite aptly.

There will be regular shows and I'm looking forward to the local folks dropping by for a cuppa and checking out whats on the easel.

I'll follow with more of the particulars soon,but for now-David it's back to work for you my son.

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