Sunday, March 22, 2015

San Diego State University Screening Serial Killer Culture

My Man/son showcase is already three years young-hard to believe really.
That it continues to be my most popular and well known series, says something about the public's continuing fascination with the subject, and the none too paltry power of Netflix instant play.
Which is why I shall be honored to be attending a screening and subsequent panel for Serial Killer Culture, at San Diego State University on the 10th of April, alongside director John Borowski, Artist and publisher Hart Fisher, Criminologist Dr. Thomas Gitchoff, Head of SDSU Special Collections Robert Ray, and Federal Bureau of Prisons Retiree Joel Goodman.

Screening starts at 6:00pm at SDSU's Little Theater 161- $3 Students $5 Public.

There will also be an additional night to see the screening on the 11th of April, please note that I shall be unable to attend due to a former commitment

RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/SerialKillerCultureScreening 

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