Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gothic Art Now-contemporary Gothic Art and Illustration by Jasmine Becket Griffith, featuring David Gough

Amongst the forest of paper that has bloated our mailbox lately-'tis the season and all that-was the rather delicious tome-'Gothic Art Now'- compiled by the delectably gothic,talented and sickeningly prolific-Jasmine Becket Griffith.
Resplendently lavish, beautifully designed and containing luminaries such as Brom-who pens the foreword-Master H.R.Giger, David Bowers, Scott Radke,David Stoupakis, and more names than you can shake a sable at-it also includes the work of one diminutive David Joseph Gough, who I've never heard of, but I believe shows some promise.

Its a real honour to be rubbing galley shoulders, alongside a pantheon of names I've admired since sprogdom, and I am very much at Miss Jasmine's requital, for my magnamanous insertion. I also owe her big time, for the very cheeky finale, where I get a name check (for the hell of it) in her acknowledgement's.
The book is available at most High street retail outlets, and with one day before Xmas,if you can stomach the bun fight-it would make a hefty gift in someone's stocking, or if you want to make up for missing the day altogether, its available from Amazon (in its US incarnations *note sleeve) from the following link:

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