Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Performance Art-David Gough at the Ruby Room

Currently nestling on my Easel, is a new skull piece, which I began at the recent live painting event at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest. A sort of comment on the moral abyss that has been the Bush/Cheney years, its inception was accompanied by some throbbing techno beat, and judging from the glasses lined on the tray-a bevvy of ales.

Only possessors of a rotoscope,and some 3d glasses, will be able to fully benefit from seing the
scrappy beginnings in the skewed angle of this photo, but I was mightily appreciative of the collected throng that gathered around the stage throughout the night, and stayed the distance to watch-I almost felt like a rock star for about one whole minute, and should learn to tap dance or something for the next one.

Precluding online shopping and the odd social gathering this week, I'm hoping to tickle the surface on this piece some more, so I'll post progressions soon.

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