Monday, December 8, 2008

Gods and Monsters, the Art Phantastique of David Gough

Whilst it may seem on the face of it, that I have disappeared into some b(l)ackwater close-but-no-cigar reclusive hole, for retired artists these past few months, I have in fact been sequestered away, burning the candle on forthcoming projects.

A continued turn of bad licensing deals, prevarications and basic bullshit, brought to a head the long held notion, that-well- I'm a big boy now, and nobody has my interests at heart better than myself, so I've taken a bold-and some would say, long overdue- foot forward, and my first book- 'Gods and Monsters'-the art phantastique of David Gough-is the result.
Published through my own Darq Matter imprint, for the moment, these will only be available through my website, and at public events,but if anyone knows of any distributors out there, who might be interested in displaying my little tome, then let me know.

My art will also be appearing in a number of other publications-which include one or two coffee table anthologies as well as the featured cover for Peter Carolls continued spiritual quest-in'The Apophenion'-now available from Amazon.

Start filling your holiday shopping lists now.

Talking of which, my biggest commitment at the moment, is art and writing duties on my total reinterpretation of Dickens Xmas Carol.
At the time of writing, I'm still fleshing out the pages and putting painterly meat on the bones of yuletide's most infamous curmudgeon, but I am delighting in my twisted translation.

As if that isn't enough to keep me reaching for the Caffeine drip, I have several shows planned, as well as another exhibit at Basic on October 14th, where I will be showcasing-time willing- at least four or five new pieces. Check out my appearances page for more details.
Of course, I'll keep any new developments updated here and in the news section, so thanks for staying with us during what might have seemed a fallow period.

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