Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notes from an easel part eight-Head Honey-Hive Mind

'Head Honey-Hive Mind' portrays a character, whose mind is made up of many catacombs filled with pockets of space and time,which is ever eroding. As he screams eternally, his sticky thoughts contemplate a future on none self, and manifest as psychoplasm. Commissioned to be a piece for next months themed exhibit at the Hive Gallery in LA, its a part of the Dark Lands realm of Hive series.

I wanted very much to work more intricately on this piece, but alas time caught up with me, my son is already in the air, and will be here within hours.

I am beside myself with excitement.

We have lots of excursions planned, and where I can, I'll make a little travelogue of his time here.

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