Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Notes from an easel, part five

The piece continues to evolve, taking on new facets of meaning with each stroke. It's something I'm struggling with, because I'm not wanting to compromise too much the equanimity of the minimalist approach. My temptation to layer on the baroque symbolism in the past is something I'm at pains to avoid. I see far more immediacy these days, in the most simple forms and iconography.

With the paint still thick and glistening on the canvas and the turpentine heady in the air, I began another piece which I'm calling 'Retribution'. In the most simplest terms, its a study of war in the name of religion.I'm using a childs eye for reference, as I think a smiting deity, always makes me think of a petulant brat throwing a tantrum.

I'll post more progressions soon.

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