Saturday, March 14, 2009

Notes from an easel part six-furry footprints

I was looking forward to a lie in, but the furry little dictator had plans to take over the world at seven this morning. Here's my moggie- Pepper,using me as her human matress, whilst I was trying to work the other night.
We are all minions, planted here for her ultimate comfort and convenience.

I'm combining my time between several projects at the moment, one particularly which is exciting as hell. I've been asked to contribute a new themed piece for a book compilation, which will also go on display at The Hive for their 4 year anniversary show. I'm tremendously happy with the first etchings, and chomping at the bit to let the paint fly.

'Retribution' is coming along nicely too, and again I'm fired up to see the piece in its finished glory. The all seeing eye follows me around my studio-its a little disconcerting.

One thing that I have been neglecting is my side project-my reinterpretation of Dickens Xmas Carol, and I'm wanting to revisit that soon. I read that Robert Zemeckis is reworking a Polar Express style version with Jim Carey, and so I'm feeling a little competition. My version of course is more akin to Franz Kafka, than Mickey Mouse.
Perhaps with all that in mind, its no bad thing that I have a furry little alarm

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