Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am Jacks Pride and joy

My daughter Emma-who I miss as if I'd lost my right hand-sent me a wonderful e-mail this morning, featuring an installation piece that she had produced at college. She didn't include a title, and will probably kill me for this, but its a wonderful work (and I say that without a hint of bias) that explores themes broadly resonant beyond her years. To quote:

"This piece was meant to symbolise the constructions of all relationships. It purposely is meant to look like a chain, to show the strength and bond within a relationship. I have made the links different sizes to show different points and factors of being in love. Some are really small, some are thicker than others and some are long and thin.

It was inspired by Jackson Pollock and Eva Hesse. I have hand stitched them together to show the long and hard hours that go into making something work, I have also used thick acrylic paint, and I have embroidered it heavily in thread"

She is just eighteen by the way.

I am so very proud.

On an entirely separate note , I've tried to think of a multitude of ways these past two days, that I could address the death of J.G. Ballard, but I really don't think I could say it as well as Neil Gaiman did in his post.

Suggested Reading:
The Atrocity Exhibition.

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