Sunday, April 19, 2009

Notes from an easel-new painting by David Gough-Sacramenstrual

Theothanatos X-Eve/Sacramenstrual
24" X 36"
Oil on Canvas

Primarily with this work, I wanted very much to observe the symbolic contradictions that exist within religion-or at least within the holy sacrament and the way women are treated. From the ingesting of Christs blood- offset against the vilification of the unchaste (Eve-Magdeline) symbolic of a bloodied hymen
through the virtuous elevation of the virgin, to the doctrine charge of impurity and desexualisation of women during the menstrual cycle in Leviticus 15 (some cultures still sequester females in menstrual huts), echoed by the torn red curtain of the confessional, and the 'rivers of blood' snaking between the columns.

I'm hugely proud of the accomplishment of this work, its evolution was very much an ongoing organic process.
I'll make prints available soon.

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