Saturday, February 13, 2010

Notes from an easel-part 69

Title: Bring me the head of Leonardo da Vinci
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 11" x 14"

Some weeks back, I read with wry amusement, that a group of scientists hoped to excavate the skull of da Vinci, in an attempt to recreate his features, thereby proving the theory that Mona Lisa, was in fact a portrait of the master in drag.
With over five hundred years since his demise, I could give a toss about the whole sacrilege of the act, and I shalln't even venture into the fact that with world economy's tanking, the money that will go into the exercise would serve better say, in finding a cure for cancer. I do however find it galling that so much energy should be devoted to a work whose only enigma to my mind, is that it ever came to such hyperbolic prominence in the first place.

The piece took me around three and a half hours in all-a new record for me I think, and one which should justify the low price tag.

Sadly, last night, I took the show down from Mosaic. The good news is that for anyone who missed that show, two pieces shall be on permanent display as part of their continuing collection,which means I shall be attending their opening night again next weekend. I also have another featured show next month at a gallery called Thumbprint on March 13th-which is a month from today. They've asked me to design the flyer,so I'll post more details soon.

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