Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Head Candy-Abstract Evolution

Artistically, it probably looks like I'm all over the map at the moment.

It certainly feels that way.
If the only concession to being on EBay, is my artistic evolution through a series of experimental sketches, then so be it.
Like most daubers, there is always that niggle to grasp that middle place between the figurative and the intangible. Abstraction has always struck me as a cynical compromise-a cop out toward a vague, indefinable, incohesion, that immediately separates itself as anything substantive for the viewer to grasp . Often it asks for so much latitude of depth, where often there is none. An arcane spatter for flourishing effect.

There are a few artists I can think of who to my mind bridge that chasm-De Kooning, Kitaj and of course Bacon-come immediately to the fore, and so-expanding on the Ghost piece that I really liked, today I put brush where my mouth is.
The resulting stew (or spew) is what I can only think to describe as the fossilizing of souls, a disintergration of the physical to an ossified intergration with the ether. It also looks apocalyptic, like freshly fried corpses being decimated by some nuclear wind. It was inspired by a vague memory I have of a painting I saw in a magazine in the 70's called Man, Myth and Magic, which depicted a kind of atavism. I also drew on a set of pieces I was painting fifteen years ago, called Dispositions, which were abstract ruminations on the fire weed I'd seen locally, influenced by Graham Sutherlands work.

Anyway, I'm really pleased with the way the pieces are evolving-Ebay chicanery aside-I can see a through line in the set of oils I've been working on, from Disambiguous Foresight to Ghost onwards.

Is abstraction a natural process of an artist evolution, or is just a shorthand I wonder?

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