Sunday, March 7, 2010

Notes from an easel-part 78

Save for a few highlights,the larger scale version of 'Is there Life After Death' is virtually complete. The background took so much reworking before I was happy, but I'm so pleased I persevered because it's given it exactly the subtlety I was aiming for.

Unfortunately, I discovered that my fevered daubing had come at the cost of sending spatter onto some of my older pieces. The damage wasn't irreparable, but enough to make me mindful that I need to find a better storage solution in my studio, than just mounting them against the wall.

I began the full scale of 'Disambiguous Foresight' today, which is rough and ready, but coming along nicely. The weather again has been atrocious, so it was freezing with the windows open, but the fumes from the turps and oil became so noxious that I am getting headaches and needed the ventilation.

My cat Ronin made for a great muffler.

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